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our latest mixshows , now even better, truehouse quality

"Total Vocal Vol.3"
that is why we are #1 in Vocal-House-Mixes, you only got the hottest Vocal- and Funky-House tunes, mixes from the masters like mousse t, richard earnshaw, full intention and many more gives you unique quality, pumpin and uplifting just like the Total Vocal Series have it - really truehouse
"play it again"
this is one of these mixshows, that u will surely play again and again, cause this what happend to us, that's why the name. as usual you will listen to freshest vocal- and funky-house tunes actually in the stores and be warned, you will be infected by the time you play it... play - rewind - play - rewind

"CHill 24"
warm summer chillout music to prepare you for your summer experience. like always, we try to give you a timeless piece of music, to enjoy it everywhere you go. just make sure you have nice memories in mind, when you listen to it again after a while... get the playlist
"CHill 23"
what else can we say, than, this is our latest lounging chillout mixshow, and of course it's better then any other. we are sure you will luv it like the other 22 shows before, cause also this one is already a classic. get the playlist

"loungin 1"
you asked for it, now you have it. the first edition of our brandnew "loungin"-series. it's faster the the chill-series and slower than a house-mixshow, but it sure is always groovy. presenting the freshest and newest in refurbished disco and funk, nu disco and  laid-back housemusic.
"crossin the edge"
like felix we like to cross the edge from time to time, actually we overstepped the edges from retrodisco to earlyhouse and moved on to popmusic and scraped the good old funk. riding on the groove of all these genres, but never loosing contact to the ground... the dancefloor.

guest DJ - mixes
DJ Lou Lamar - "Theory of Colours"
if you want to listen to something different, then we have this one for you. Lou Lamar brings another brilliant mixshow to listen twice, packed with lots of electric and techy house tunes, to rock your player - listen carefully
DJ Domenico Carluccio  "Lost in Space"
in case you missed, here u have the chance to get Domenico's Oktober Live-Mix to listen again and again or even download, as usual 3 hours excellent live-mixed-and-blended with hottest tunes on the market - don't lose it in space

all mixshows are for promotional use only. not for sale. all tracks are copyright protected by the respective owners.
playing the mix as a public perfomance is forbidden and punishable by law

all rights reserverd (c) the official home of c&m productions
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