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"riddemadness part 5"

very fast but very smooth and very truehouse-style drum&bass. this time we spice this menu up with soulfulness, lot's of vocals and a of course lots of bassss. the more you get, the more you want

rollin and rollin...

"riddemadness part 4 "
sick and tired of the 4tothefloor beats for this time ? we have something very different for you here in this section. also on part 4 of the riddemadness series, we bang your subwoofer and hit the speakers hard with some of the finest drum&bass grooves, c&m style of course...

more mad riddems

"riddemadness part 3"

finally we have more madness for you... looks like this is still a london-thing, but all around the world, there are people who need some mad mad riddems with tasty grooves. some it called intelligent- or even liquid-drum'n'bass, for us it's just the coolest thing next to truehouse music.

ready, set... madnesssssss

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